How to draw a Christoper Columbus ship

How to draw a Christoper Columbus ship

Октябрь 23, 2010

Step by step on how to draw this ship. I drew this with 3rd graders.

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5:37 How to draw a ship step by step tutorial for kids

How to draw a ship step by step tutorial for kids

Learn how to draw a ship step by step drawing tutorial for kids

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4:18 Comment dessiner un navire TUTORIEL

Comment dessiner un navire TUTORIEL

Apprends à dessiner facilement pas à pas un navire (tutoriel) _________________________________________
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14:31 ❣DIY Pirate Ship Using Cardboard❣

❣DIY Pirate Ship Using Cardboard❣

Hi, in this video tutorial I will show you how I made a pirate ship using some cardboard from pizza boxes, egg cartons, hot glue, thread, super glue and paint. It took me about 5 days to finish, working a couple of hours daily.
I started by designing the patterns. I had some idea of what I want to create so I drew the profile of the ship, then the top view of the deck. The ribs of the ship were a little bit of a guessing game, only knowing two dimensions from the side view and the top view. I used pizza boxes cardboard for the entire project. It was about 2 mm thick so I doubled the patterns to get a stronger framework. I made some long 15 mm stripes of the same cardboard and started gluing them to the framework. I started from the bottom of the ship and worked my way up. I overlaid each piece over the one before just a little bit. I outlined the railing top view using the deck patterns. You can make the railing wider, thicker or thinner. Mine was 15 mm wide and 6 mm thick. I made the pillars gluing 3 small 30 x 5 mm cardboard pieces together. I added some details using thin stripes of cardboard on the sides. Although these details are not so visible now, they will look great when making the patina. I also added some round and square windows. At this point I needed a stand for the ship. I decided to go for a rocky one, full of textures. I made the stand out of egg cartons. I broke the carton into smaller irregular pieces and glued them together. This type of carton is easy to bend and glue in any shape you want. I made the main three pillars by rolling and gluing the cardboard until I reached the desired thickness. One pillar is about 20 mm thick. The middle one is the tallest and it has 360 mm, the one in front has 320 mm and the last one has 220 mm. I made the curved sails by gluing two pieces of cardboard together and bending them while the glue is still hot. I used the cutting mat to help along with the bending. I added threads as best as I could. I am no expert in this so I googled some images for reference. Even though I had no idea of the correct way this should be done, the threads added a realistic effect to the ship, and this aspect was all that mattered to me. I glued the ends of the threads using super glue. The painting was easy for this project. I covered the surface in a dark color first. This will serve as a base. Make it go in all the cracks and the deepest holes. It will act like a shadow and contrast layer when we add brighter colors. I add a brighter color only to the surface of the texture, gently rubbing the brush with very little pigment so I don't get it in the cracks. On top of that bright color you can add other colors as well. You can make it brighter and more colorful, it's your choice. I went for a wooden look for the main body of the ship. I painted the sails white first and then added a diluted brown to the top and spread it gently and dissolving it to the bottom until the sail looked older and used. I hope you liked my video and got some inspiration to start your own projects. Have fun!
P.S. You can find more information about this project, plus the patterns here:
Thank you for being here! You are one of the few people who actually read my video description, so thank you!
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Hot glue gun —
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9:55 How to draw a Haunted House

How to draw a Haunted House

Step by step instructions on how to draw a haunted house. This is a fun drawing for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders.

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8:37 Nasıl Gemi Çizilir / How To Draw A Ship

Nasıl Gemi Çizilir / How To Draw A Ship

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Don’t know how to spend a boring day? You can create a whole world by doodling your fingers. You should draw on fingers by yourself and create different characters and start an adventure! Watch our video and you will learn how to create a doodle elephant with moving trunk, a couple that is in love or is going for a date, friends that return from a party with a drunk friend, a man jumping on a trampoline. Moreover, you can create a scene from a bank robbing movie or even a create your own film at home! Crab your black marker and start creating! You will have a lot of fun and you can boost your imagination!
Have you ever wanted to transfer a special photo or your favorite picture onto fabric or candles? We share an easy tutorial on how to transfer images on candles. Supplies you will need a candle, sheet of paper, tissue paper, marker, wax paper, hairdryer. Firstly, take a sheet of paper and cover with tissue paper. Choose any picture and draw it using a marker or markers of different colors. Cut out the picture and place on the candle, cover with wax paper. Secure the picture with paint tape and blow hot air on it for several minutes using a hair dryer or heat gun. Carefully remove the wax paper. Ready! It’s a cool way to make a personalized gift to your friends or family and to express love.
The next collection of lifehacks is about magnets, we prepared a collection of magnet tricks. You are going to have a lot of fun! You will be surprised how it’s easy to make a ferrofluid at home with only two ingredients. In a bowl, mix printer ink with a small amount of vegetable oil and stir. Take a magnet and hold it close to the liquid and watch how the liquid is attracted to it. Have fun!

00:09 Doodle adventures
07:13 How to transfer an image on a candle
09:55 Magnet tricks
11:04 Ferrofluid experiment
14:39 Hand painting

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4:25 Como dibujar un barco paso a paso | how to draw a boat

Como dibujar un barco paso a paso | how to draw a boat

Qué tal amigos de YouTube el día de hoy dibujare un barco paso a paso espero les guste y sea de mucha utilidad suscríbete y compártelo.

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6:33 Top 7 Drawing VS Reality Vol 4. What seems more real to you?

Top 7 Drawing VS Reality Vol 4. What seems more real to you?

7 drawings that look better than reality Vol 4
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13:29 17 Easy Yet Awesome Drawing Tricks || Tutorial Drawing

17 Easy Yet Awesome Drawing Tricks || Tutorial Drawing

00:12 How to draw easy with acrylic paint
02:18 Drawing with Spirogragh ( Ring 105, Wheel 45 )
02:57 DIY with master pastel chalk
06:22 Stunning patterns
Do you love drawing? Have you ever thought that drawing is only for talented people or artists? No, it’s not true!
Of course, you may start learning fundamental painting techniques to become an artist, but who has so much time for it? We are here to help you to realize your dream.
Drawing is not only for the professional artists. It's for every person who has an art lover deep down in his soul. And with these amazing hacks you can express yourself easily. Don't be shy give it a try!
You may start drawing right now! Our video is full of easy tips for beginners that will help you spend time with fun. Our drawing techniques will impress you for sure!
Cool drawing techniques your kids will love. Also, they are busy for hours:) You will find out how to draw using such ordinary things as forks, earbuds, drinking straws, empty toilet roll and more. Kids will learn how to create beautiful starry sky using a cookie cutter. Moreover, you can use the leaves to make a picture. Watch a full tutorial. There is no need to learn how to draw beautiful flowers. You can easily draw lavender using earbuds. You will be surprised to learn how to draw a cherry tree using drinking straws. Take a fork and draw tulips or even a super cute hedgehog.

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An effective way to draw a lake boat using the figure eight as a simple technique
this can be then added into a bigger painting or used on its own. This clip was taken from the Relax with Watercolour Series 2 with Artist Harry Feeney as the presenter.
Visit for more information.

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