MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

Май 28, 2015

In a leap for robotic development, the MIT researchers who built a robotic cheetah have now trained it to see and jump over hurdles as it runs — making this the first four-legged robot to run and jump over obstacles autonomously. (Learn more:

Watch the MIT cheetah run outside:

Video: Haewon Park, Patrick Wensing and Sangbae Kim

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4:50 Men's 100m T42 | Round 1 Heat 1 | London 2017 World Para Athletics Championships

Men's 100m T42 | Round 1 Heat 1 | London 2017 World Para Athletics Championships

Start list:
Richard WHITEHEAD Great Britain
Regas SR WOODS United States of America
Ntando MAHLANGU South Africa
Leon SCHAEFER Germany

For more information on the London 2017 World Para Athletics Championships, please visit

Results will be available here:

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London 2017 was the ninth edition of the World Para Athletics Championships and marked the first time the event was held back-to-back with the IAAF equivalent. From 14-23 July, around 1, 300 athletes from 100 countries took part, contesting 213 medal events.

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16:9 The astounding athletic power of quadcopters | Raffaello D'Andrea

The astounding athletic power of quadcopters | Raffaello D'Andrea

In a robot lab at TEDGlobal, Raffaello D'Andrea demos his flying quadcopters: robots that think like athletes, solving physical problems with algorithms that help them learn. In a series of nifty demos, D'Andrea show drones that play catch, balance and make decisions together — and watch out for an I-want-this-now demo of Kinect-controlled quads.

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21:40 Robots : Top 10 Most Amazing Advanced  Robots  That Will Change Your World

Robots : Top 10 Most Amazing Advanced Robots That Will Change Your World

10 Most Advanced Robots In The World You Won't Believe Exist

You will see that robots are really advanced smart and are not far to be as smart as humans. Science fiction is becoming reality.
The day were robots will outsmart humans is not that far. It will be incredible. Robots already have been highly involved in our manufacturing settings but every year the robot advancements have been evolving quickly. Humanoid robots made a lot of progress these recents years. Some of these humanoid robots will work in the tertiary sector and other will be war robots. Some military robots are terrifying. We are not that far from a terminator scenario.
These robots are reshaping the world. They are autonomous and smart enough to do some basics stuff.
Here is the most advanced robots in the world and you did not knew they existed. It's incredible that they already exist.

10 — HRP 4- Robot
A robot that dance and can recognize its environment
9 — Valkyrie from NASA
A robot that will go to mars. A pure terminator robot too.
8 — Spot Mini from Boston Dynamics
The most advanced robot animal in the world.
7 — Atlas from Boston Dynamic
A very powerful robot that can do back flip and more
6 — Asimo from Honda
A very advanced robot.This is the future family robot every
family can dream of
5 — Kengoro
The first robot that can sweat
4 — Erica
This humanoid robot will work as a tv anchor news in april
3 — Fedor
A true war robot that can shoot.
2 — Jia Jia
The most beautiful humanoid robot ever created by humans
1 — Sophia
Robot Sophia is the most advanced humanoid of all.She has
guts and a lot of personality. Robot Sophia became famous for
saying that she want to destroy humans. But since, Sophia
improved a lot. Now she want to help humans.
In this documentary about artificial intelligence, we ask you this question: Are robots a danger or an opportunity for us?

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3:59 Honda's Asimo: the penalty-taking, bar-tending robot

Honda's Asimo: the penalty-taking, bar-tending robot

Auto Express' Mat Watson meets Honda's robot Asimo in Brussels, where he plays football, dances and serves a drink!

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11:19 Demo with Sangbae Kim (MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory)

Demo with Sangbae Kim (MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory)

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics is a single-day event designed to facilitate in-depth conversation and networking with the technologists, researchers and students of the robotics community as well as the founders and investors bringing innovation to the masses.

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4:48 Cat Vs. Dinosaur - Cat Spooked, Then Befriends a Robot Dinosaur - Maya The Cat

Cat Vs. Dinosaur - Cat Spooked, Then Befriends a Robot Dinosaur - Maya The Cat

Maya The Cat meets her new toy: a robot dinosaur. At first she is suspicious and spooked.
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7:2 7 Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets!

7 Amazing Science Toys/Gadgets!

Small collection of some cool physics gadgets.
Thanks for watching!

Song 1: Over Rain

Song 2: The Last Sun

Song 3: Abyss

1. helicone
2. hypnogizmo
3. swinging sticks
4. maxwell's wheel
5. euler's disk
6. solids of constant width
7. vortex dome

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10:22 10 Objects Invented Just to Defy The Laws of Physics

10 Objects Invented Just to Defy The Laws of Physics

These 10 objects will keep your brain wondering! Some of the coolest inventions we could find that defy the laws of physics!

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10 Objects Invented Just to Defy Physics

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13:42 5 NEW MIND-BOGGLING Inventions You Must Know About

5 NEW MIND-BOGGLING Inventions You Must Know About

5 NEW MIND-BOGGLING Inventions You Must Know About

NO..5 — Estream Water Generator



NO.2 — Sgnl — Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip

NO.1 — cyclotron bike


Fingertip Phone calls

Pigeon Air Patrol

Mine Kafon Drone


Living Ink

First Autonomous entirely soft robot
(Video by:Lori Sanders, Ryan Truby, Michael Wehner, Robert Wood, and Jennifer Lewis)

Fathom 1

Fiil Diva Pro

Duo Skin Tattoos,

Musculoskeletal Robot
(Video by "Suzumori Endo Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology")

Perseus Smart Mirror

Levitating Smartwatch Charger












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Lord of the Rings — The Two Towers

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3:16 SpotMini Autonomous Navigation

SpotMini Autonomous Navigation

SpotMini autonomously navigates a specified route through an office and lab facility. Before the test, the robot is manually driven through the space so it can build a map of the space using visual data from cameras mounted on the front, back and sides of the robot. During the autonomous run, SpotMini uses data from the cameras to localize itself in the map and to detect and avoid obstacles. Once the operator presses 'GO' at the beginning of the video, the robot is on its own. Total walk time for this route is just over 6 minutes. (The QR codes visible in the video are used to measure performance, not for navigation.)

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