Introducing Spot

Introducing Spot

Февраль 9, 2015

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.

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7:9 Awesome Boston Dynamics Robots

Awesome Boston Dynamics Robots

Awesome robots from Boston Dynamics, the robots features Spot mini, BigDog, Handle, WildCat, Sand Flea, Atlas the Dynamic Humanoid and many more.. checkout their robots at

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10:31 The most amazing inventions and technologies that are interesting for viewing

The most amazing inventions and technologies that are interesting for viewing

Various interesting inventions, as well as tractors and machines that make it easier for people to work. Some of these inventions are invented for entertainment and fun

1.Jane Fonda
3.Lone Wolf
5.Game Set Match
6.Clover 3

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9:16 【ガチで凄い】これが世界の最新フライングマシーンだ!This is the latest flying man in the world!

【ガチで凄い】これが世界の最新フライングマシーンだ!This is the latest flying man in the world!

यह दुनिया में नवीनतम उड़ान मशीन है!
Это последний летающий человек в мире!
이것이 세계의 최신 플라잉 맨이다!
¡Este es el último hombre volador del mundo!

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14:22 The World's Fastest Workers !

The World's Fastest Workers !

Super Workers in action!

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3:33 Buses That Can Step Over Traffic - Amazing Gyroscopic Transport Concept

Buses That Can Step Over Traffic - Amazing Gyroscopic Transport Concept

Concept by DAHIR INSAAT original links
Music: Spirit Must Train by Dhruva Aliman on Spotify —'s Explanation Translated from Russian—- The other day I patented another model of transport of the second level, only now on six pillars, and with a variable distance between the wheel bearings, which made it theoretically possible to use such transport in urban conditions, in conditions of intersection of roads with different radius of curvature, different intersections and passage under bridges. Only the variable between the wheel distance will allow the platform with six supports to travel along a curved trajectory and crouch under the bridges. And after watching the video you will understand in detail why it is on six supports, and what are the advantages of this version of the platform. Surely someone will wonder why not a year ago and only now it appeared, the whole point is that a year ago I did not have a ready solution with floating supports, I did not understand how it is possible to force such traffic to pass curvilinear sections of roads, when he six supports and the distance between the supports is about seven meters. Analyzing old cliches, it turned out that if you did not combine these legs with the same frame, with a single axis of rotation, then such a vehicle could travel only along straight roads, and if you fix every two pillars on the frame with a single center of rotation like a classic carriage of a car, with high supports allowing to pass under the transport of the first level, the supports could not be telescopic, and any possibility of using a third pair of wheels was lost, without which the function can not be stepped over the obstacle, squatting in front of the bridge, and simply moving along a curved trajectory. А вот появление плавающих опор, и опор на рычагах и петлях все изменило, нашлось то спасительное решение, без которого не возможен такой вид транспорта, что собственно я и запатентовал.

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31:57 street   magic in nepal- (indian man)

street magic in nepal- (indian man)


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2:32 Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

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There can be no better or worse sight than your own reflection, but these vain animals seemed very keen to admire themselves.

Innovative French photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre travelled to Gabon with his wife and set up a mirror in several locations in order to capture animals walking by.

The results are stunning, with one of the more amusing reactions being from two leopards.

One of them takes several looks at the mirror before it is attacked by a second leopard, who calls off the ambush when he too spots Xavier's mirror.

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1. Apis Cor

2. Helicopter Tree Trimming

3. Amazon Prime Air

4. Tesla

5. Waymo

6. KUKA Robotics

7. i-LIMB Pulse

8. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

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5:26 7 Crazy Things You Will Only See In Dubai

7 Crazy Things You Will Only See In Dubai

7 Shocking Things That Only Exist In Dubai.
5 Biggest Athletes In The World

10 Reasons Why The Zombie Apocalypse Isn’t Possible

10 Weird Things People Did In Their Sleep

12 Secrets You Didn't Know About FAST FOOD



Dubakupado by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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1:32 ラバ型ロボットLS3がすごく怖いぞ!アメリカ海兵隊四足歩行ロボット






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