Festival of Lights (2016) Invitation

Festival of Lights (2016) Invitation

Май 17, 2016

Festival of Lights will take place in October-November 2016 in St. Petersburg. For several days various city sites will become venues where citizens and guests of the Northern Capital of Russia will have the opportunity to see the best achievements of audio-visual art, performance, interactive installations, public art and tech theatre.
More information about the event at http://www.visit-petersburg.ru/en/event/1455/

The grand premiere show of St.-Petersburg Festival of Lights was held on 29 April. Catharine the Great monument and facade of the Alexandrinsky Theatre were brought to life by 3D-mapping and audio-visual technology. For the first time in Russian history the mapping was created not only on flat surface of a building but on a three-dimensional monument.

Recognizable voices of the actors from the Russian Academic Theatre presented several scenes from Gogol’s "The Government Inspector", Lermontov’s “Masquerade”, Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and other productions. The show culminated with the awakened Catherine II saying, “Let there be light”.
Видео предоставлено официальным туристическим путеводителем по Санкт-Петербургу mysaintpetersburg.ru mysaintpetersburg.ru — лучшие туры, гостиницы, музеи, рестораны #mysaintpetersburg.ru

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6:47 Festival of Lights Berlin - Film

Festival of Lights Berlin - Film

Das FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS verwandelt Berlin im Oktober in eine bezaubernde Welt voller Lichtkunst und kreativen Inszenierungen. Vielfältige Events, Erlebnistouren und Aktionen rund um das Thema Licht machen es zu einem Gesamtkunstwerk.

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS turns Berlin in October into a magical world full of light art and creative productions. The variety of events, adventure tours and activities around the theme of light make the Festival one piece of art.

Video Clip: Jan Hübel

For more information visit: http://festival-of-lights.de

Connect with us:

Instagram — @berlinfestivaloflights

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3:9 פסטיבל האור בעיר העתיקה בירושלים

פסטיבל האור בעיר העתיקה בירושלים

פסטיבל האור בעיר העתיקה מעניק באמצעות האור מימד אמנותי ודרמטי, מהארת נכסים ארכיטקטוניים ועד פסלי אור, ללילה של העיר העתיקה ומהווה חגיגה תיירותית ומשפחתית רבת קסם הפתוחה לאמנים ויוצרים בתחומים רבים.

בארבע השנים האחרונות התקיים באגן העיר העתיקה בירושלים פסטיבל האור הבינלאומי שהציג בפני הקהל תחום אמנותי שכמעט ואינו מוכר בארץ. בפסטיבל לקחו חלק אמנים מהארץ ומחו"ל שהשתמשו באור על מנת ליצור פסלים, מיצבים, מיצגים ועבודות אמנות והוא משך לאזור עיר העתיקה כ- 250, 000 מבקרים בכל שנה תוך הענקת פן חדש לפעילות הלילית בעיר.

פסטיבל האור בעיר העתיקה בירושלים יאיר באור חדש את העיר העתיקה, את סמטאותיה ואתריה וימשיך לקדם את היות העיר העתיקה בירושלים אתר רב-גוני, בעל איכויות בילוי ליליות חווייתיות סוחפות וקסומות.

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1:44 Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015 aftermovie

Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015 aftermovie

More information: www.amsterdamlightfestival.com

Next edition winter 2015-2016

Jack Fisher
Erik Punt
Mario Gonsalves
David Stevens (courtesy of Nikon)


Erik Punt

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4:32 Holi Festival India - Drenched in colour and soaked in tradition

Holi Festival India - Drenched in colour and soaked in tradition

Join World Nomad Andre Bolourchi as he travels to Vrindavan, India, to throw himself headlong into the traditional Holi Festival, a joyfully infectious celebration of colour and abundance that pays tribute to the mischievous Hindu god, Krishna.

During his crazy Holi adventure, Andre discovered the spirit of connectedness that permeates Indian culture and life — a spirit when surrounded by thousands of revellers all soaked in colourful paint and singing traditional songs, is impossible to ignore.


Want to go further around India? Check out Andre's gritty and raw experience in New Delhi's
Chandni Chawk


Or, check out our adventures with the Himba tribes in Namibia!



Directed and edited by Jesse Chard
Produced by Alicia Crosariol and Jesse Chard for WorldNomads.com
Cinematography by Peter Teys and Jesse Chard

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■ PODCAST: https://www.patreon.com/haraldbaldr
■ STALINGRAD 2017: https://youtu.be/c58O2ILEDs4

St. Petersburg, Russia's former capital, is Europe's 3rd largest city. I spent a few days there checking out the fantastic art collections and museums the city has to offer. The town is massive and I didn't get to see everything I wanted to.

In the film I show inside the winter palace, the most beautiful church i've ever seen plus some interactions with some nice Russian girls on their way to a disco.

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11:35 Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2016 Sounds

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2016 Sounds

During my visit at friday and saturday I have recorded lots of special cars/bikes.

F1 cars, GT cars, Pikes Peak, Le Mans, Moto GP, Supercars, Prewar nascar, GT and more.

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3:49 1st Berlin Festival of Lights Award - Intro Mapping at the Brandenburg Gate

1st Berlin Festival of Lights Award - Intro Mapping at the Brandenburg Gate

1st Berlin Festival of Lights Award — Intro Mapping at the Brandenburg Gate by Maxin10sity

Art Directors: László Czigány, András Sass
3D Animation Artists: László Czigány, András Sass, Gergely Illés, Dániel Cseuz, Zsolt Gergely
2D Artis: Éva Korda
Project Manager: Tamás Vaspöri
Project Manager Assistant: Ágnes Szentannai


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1:26 Explore The Beautiful Tourist Places Of Bohol

Explore The Beautiful Tourist Places Of Bohol

Explore The Beautiful Tourist Places Of Bohol

Want to experience river cruising?
Head to Bohol — see its beautiful tourist places

Bohol’s well-loved attraction
Loboc River Cruise on the long and winding river

Enjoy the one-hour water voyage
Complete with buffet meals and fresh drinks

Next stop — Alona Beach in Panglao
For a day of frolic in the sun, sea, sand & fun

Relish the great view of the underwater
See lively, colorful corals as you dive deep down

Love the feel of fine sands on your feet
Be on the dot to catch the glorious sunset

For a glimpse of vibrant marine life
Go to Virgin Island where dolphins are aplenty

The most popular tourist destination?
Philippine Tourist Attractions helps you find it

Visit http://philippinetouristattractions.com now

Connect us:








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20:42 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat - 4th September 2015 - चक्रवतीन अशोक सम्राट - Full Episode (HD)

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat - 4th September 2015 - चक्रवतीन अशोक सम्राट - Full Episode (HD)

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"Bindusara gets happy and hugs both Dharma and Ashoka as Niharika reaches there. In the meantime, Bindusara gets angry at Mir and ends up killing Niharika. On the other hand, Shresth Acharya reaches the scene and blesses Ashoka, who thanks him for his guidance. Later on, Radhagupt questions Shresth Acharya as to why he is not happy over this victory. Stay tuned to know what happens next.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is based on the life of India's greatest king Ashoka!

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10:54 Festival of Lights Ghent 2011

Festival of Lights Ghent 2011

From Thursday 27 January until Saturday 29 January 2011 the Festival of Lights took place in the historical city centre of Ghent. The event spotlighted the prestigious Ghent light plan. The international network LUCI awarded the "City People Light Award" to the city of Ghent in 2004. At different unique locations lightning artists presented their work. Visitors followed a 5 km walking route where they could admire the work of about 20 national and international artists such as Rafaël Lozano Hemmer, Alberto Garutti, Pablo Valbuena and Dirk Braeckman; light designers, cultural partners and the art education in Ghent. The route followed the water along many historical places and monuments. This particular sequence was captured at the Old Post Office building (today : Post Plaza) on the 'Korenmarkt', displaying a fabulous scenic 3D light beam & sound show entitled 'on dirait que..' by Spectaculaires — Les allumeurs d'images. http://www.spectaculaires.fr

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