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3:52 ПописЯть розыгрыш  / Pee Prank (Russian Edition)

ПописЯть розыгрыш / Pee Prank (Russian Edition)

Pee Prank! Hope you enjoy!
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Filmed by: Nikita Zhevnerov

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2:24 Lady craps her pants on slingshot ride!

Lady craps her pants on slingshot ride!

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1:8 News Presenter FORGETS She's Sitting At A GLASS Desk And Gives Viewers An EYEFUL On Live TV

News Presenter FORGETS She's Sitting At A GLASS Desk And Gives Viewers An EYEFUL On Live TV

News Presenter flashes on live TV after forgetting she's sitting at a glass desk
A news presenter suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction live on TV, when she forgot she was sitting at a glass desk. Journalist Costanza Calabrese was presenting the late night bulletin on Italian TV channel TG 5 when she gave viewers a bit of an eyeful. s the 38-year-old starts talking, the camera is zoomed in on her face. But it soon begins to pan out, to show her full desk, covered in papers as she reads the bulletin.Unfortunately, what Costanza doesn't seem to realise, is that her desk — being made from glass — shows absolutely everything. Which meant that the reporter, who was sitting with her legs apart, flashed her knickers to the entire watching audience. And to make matters worse, the clip has now been uploaded to YouTube, where it has been seen by over 40, 000 people.

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6:48 Top 10 Funniest Farts On Live TV History

Top 10 Funniest Farts On Live TV History

The Top 10 Funniest Farts On Live TV History.
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Here is The Funniest Farts On Live TV History, Hope you Like and Enjoy it too!
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7:17 Что за чемоданы у охраны Путина security of President Putin / What is inside of Putin's suitcases

Что за чемоданы у охраны Путина security of President Putin / What is inside of Putin's suitcases

Hello everyone! This is Nanotube channel and today we will discuss what Putin's bodyguards have in huge suitcases. Some people assume that they are nuclear suitcases, others assume that there are automatic weapons, machine guns or sniper rifles. Still others say there are special tools in the suitcases, but someone says these are bullet-proof shields, which quickly unfold into shield. We will discuss all these versions today and find out what is inside.
Note that the guards have three bags in total. Let's have a look at the Putin’s bodyguards of. We see that they are confident and cool, and some of them hold on to the flaps of their jackets. It is clear that there is a weapon and most likely there are automatic pistols that have a very powerful stopping power. These submachine guns outperform conventional pistols in penetrating ability. There are reports that these submachine guns penetrate many varieties of bulletproof vests.
As you can see that huge bag has a valve. If you pull the handle, the bag will turn into a protective shield. The latch of the bag will cover the head of the bodyguard. By having protection behind this shield, you can shoot at the assassin. We also see that the guard has a small bump under his armpit. There's a holster for the gun. It is clear that the bodyguard will not carry in the suitcase an automatic rifle or a machine gun. It's silly to have an automatic rifle if you have a compact submachine gun.
On the right we see a Japanese bodyguard. He also has a bag. We see that is a flat bag. This bag could not fit an automatic rifle. This bag is a ballistic shield. We see one more person. He is also Putin's bodyguard. He covers the window of the limousine with his body, where President Putin is sitting. This guard has a heavy bag on his shoulder too. This is a shield.
Pay attention to the Putin’s bodyguard with a similar bag. He carries a similar bag like this. As you can see, it unfolds into a bullet-proof shield. By having a bullet-proof protection like this you can attack the enemy. Everything is very simple and effective. In these photos you can see the answer to the question what is in the bags of President Putin's bodyguards.
On this video you see a person who shows one of these bags. He covers himself with a bag and opens fire on the enemy. Bullets can not break through this bag. Inside the bag is a kevlar fabric. Kevlar tissue has an outstanding bullet endurance. Perhaps a person will have bruises on his body. Perhaps even broken ribs, but bullets will not get inside the human body and will not damage internal organs. These shields protect against many types of pistols. This fabric is very light. In this photo we see the guard of Putin, who carries a similar bag.
The main goal — a security guard — is to preserve the life of President Putin. We can also see that other political leaders have security guards with similar bags. We can see special umbrellas from the guards of President Putin. These umbrellas are made of Kevlar fabric. All the metal parts of the umbrella are made of the strongest metal on earth-titanium. These umbrellas can protect against thrown stones, sticks and knives. Putin's bodyguards have a wide range of protective equipment. Using umbrellas and bulletproof shields, Putin's bodyguards can prevent the killer from aiming to shoot.
If necessary, Putin's bodyguards can have automatic rifles. When President Putin moves across Russia, his convoy always has a bus with a squad of spetsnaz. The task of bodyguards is to save Putin's life. To do this, they must quickly take him to the shelter, and then to neutralize the killer. Bodyguards always cover Putin with their bodies. Civilians should not suffer. I do not think that Putin's guards, trying to neutralize the attacker, will shoot at a crowd of people from automatic rifles. If this happens, then it will be an international scandal.
Therefore, I do not think that the bodyguards are carrying automatic rifles or Kalashnikov assault rifles in their bags. To protect Putin, his bodyguards need compact weapons with good stopping power. Pistols machine guns have all the necessary properties. In addition to bodyguards who are close to President Putin, there are special agents who are among people and among television reporters. Based on the foregoing, I can make the claim that these big bags are ballistic shields. Bullet-proof shields.
And at the end of this video let’s have a look at two navy officers who take care about Putin’s presidential emergency(nuclear) satchel.
Что находится в чемоданах, потфелях у охраны Путина-призидента Росси.Как работают телохранители Путина.
Некоторые предполагают, что это ядерные чемоданчики, другие предполагают, что там находятся автоматы, пулеметы, снайперские винтовки.
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2:16 Sophie Raworth BBC 10/3/16

Sophie Raworth BBC 10/3/16

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11:49 What Not To Wear - Sophie Raworth

What Not To Wear - Sophie Raworth

Trinny and Susannah cast a critical eye over Sophie Raworth's dress sense.

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17:45 Bill Burr - Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness - The Jim Jefferies Show

Bill Burr - Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness - The Jim Jefferies Show

Comedian Bill Burr unravels the worst parts of the internet and shares what worries him most about the future of technology.

Watch full episodes of The Jim Jefferies Show now: http://www.cc.com/shows/the-jim-jefferies-show

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2:48 Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news

Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news

A great Jonathan Pie video, heads up it is satire.


A friend emailed me this clip, I posted it so I could embed it in some forum posts.

ADDED: Jonathan Pie's YouTube channel was just shared with me. I added it to the description. At the time of posting this I had never heard of Jonathan Pie.

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1:37 RT News Anchor Quits Live on Air

RT News Anchor Quits Live on Air

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An American anchor working for state-owned television station Russia Today quit on air on Wednesday. Wahl said she faces several 'ethical and moral challenges' as a reporter for the Russian-funded TV network. 'I'm proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth, and that is why, after this newscast, I'm resigning, " she said. Liz Wahl, who was a Washington, D.C. correspondent for the state-owned television station, quit live on-air Wednesday because she does not agree with the network's backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin's military intervention in Ukraine's Crimea region.The self-described "Filipina-Hungarian-American" said she faces several "ethical and moral challenges" as a reporter for the network.
Wahl described herself as the daughter of a veteran who grew up in the United States. Her partner, she said, is a military-base physician "where he sees every day first hand accounts of the ultimate prices people pay for this country."
"And that is why personally, I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin, " she said as she went off-script on live TV. "I'm proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth, and that is why, after this newscast, I'm resigning."
During her minute-long statement, Wahl also mentioned the "international headlines" that Abby Martin, a host of the show, made Tuesday night when she said "Russian intervention in the Crimea is wrong."
Wahl tweeted about "my girl" Abby Martin for going "spectacularly off-message in Ukraine broadcast."
She also wrote about her grandparents who fled Hungary during revolution of 1956.
RT released a statement later Wednesday, writing that Wahl made "a big show of a personal decision" as part of "a self-promotional stunt."
"We wish Liz the best of luck on her chosen path, " the network wrote.
Wahl described the TV stations inner workings during a segment with Anderson Cooper on CNN later Wednesday.
"RT is not about the truth, " Wahl said. "It's about promoting a Putinist agenda. It's also about bashing America."

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