yedigöller camp 2

yedigöller camp 2

Май 24, 2016

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6:54 VersysTR Yedigöller Kampı - MotoSeyyah

VersysTR Yedigöller Kampı - MotoSeyyah

Kawasaki, Versys, Türkiye, TR, Versys 650, Versys 1000, Motorcycle, Motosiklet, Kamp, Camp, Camping

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19:17 Yedigöller- Bolu Kampı VLOG

Yedigöller- Bolu Kampı VLOG

Selam Millet Videolarımız Hoşunuza Gittiyse Beğenmeyi ve Hala Abone Değilseniz Olmayı İhmal Etmeyin İyi Seyirler.


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3:46 Yedigöller Milli Parkında Çadırla Konaklama

Yedigöller Milli Parkında Çadırla Konaklama

Bu Çalışmada Bolu İline Bağlı Yedigöller Milli Parkında Çadır Kampı Kurulması ve Kampın Özellikleri Tanıtılmaktadır.

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10:15 Yedigöller National Park, Turkey 2017 4K

Yedigöller National Park, Turkey 2017 4K

Yedigöller National Park, Turkey 2017 4K ( Yedigöller Millî Parkı ), Camping at Yedigöller National Park, Bolu Province, Turkey 2017, Seven Lakes National Park
Yedigöller National Park Google Map

The Yedigöller National Park (Turkish: Yedigöller, "seven lakes") also known as Seven Lakes National Park is located in the northern part of Bolu Province in Turkey. The park is categorized under IUCN II and was established in 1965. The park is best known for the seven lakes formed by landslides and for its profusion of plant life.

The park is located at an elevation of 900 metres (3, 000 ft) in Mengen district in the north of Bolu Province and to the south of Zonguldak in the western Black Sea region. Established in 1965, it encompasses an area of 1, 623 hectares (4, 010 acres). There are seven lakes in the park which were formed due to landslides. The seven lakes are Buyukgol, Deringol, Seringol, Nazligol, Sazligol, Incegol and Kucukgol Several streams flow through the park some of which have handcrafted bridges across them and a small water fall.

The park is located between Istanbul and Ankara. Access is from the Yenicaga road, 152 kilometres (94 mi) from the Ankara – Istanbul highway. During the winter the alternate road is only from the Yenicaga – Mengen – Yazicik road.[6] It is 42 kilometres (26 mi) to the north of Bolu. Kapankaya mountain peak is within the park and provides a vantage location to view the scenic beauty of the park. It is accessible all through the year.

The park also has trekking paths and camps to stay, [4] in the form of tents, caravans, rest houses and bungalows.[6] There are also hot springs in the park, and the ski centers here are well known in Turkey.

The specific studies related to Saprobic values of decayed organic matter of the park indicate a range between oligosaprobic and beta-mesosaprobic status. The water quality of the streams in the park is classified as Class I and II.


The vegetation consists of beech trees, oaks, hornbeams, firs, elms, hazel nuts, spruces, alders, lime trees, black pines and Scotch pines.

Wildlife within the park includes, but is not limited to, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, brown bears, wolves, red fox, lynx, jungle cats, otters and squirrels. As result of better protection conditions in the park the population of animals has increased. The park has an exclusive protected area for deer. A trout farm has also been established in the park. New insect species Ephemeroptera identified in the park are Ecdyonurus starmachi, Paraleptophlebia cincta, Caenis martae, and Baetis lapponicus.

Seven Lakes: Lakes Group located in Ydigolor National Park in the north of the Turkish province of Bolu.
Known as the "seven lakes" area lakes as a group located in the National Park Ydigolor Yedi Göller Milli Parkı Turkish province of Bolu incident. The region consists of seven lakes on Hilltin above each other at 100 meters, providing an opportunity for the emergence of waterfalls, and is full of various types of trees and plants animals
And birds. Seven Lakes region, 45 kilometers north away from the city "Polo", has announced since 1965, a nature reserve, which enabled it to retain its beauty. Seven Lakes to its visitors an opportunity to reflect on the beauty of nature, and hiking or walking in the designated paths, clean air and inhaled, are available as well as the places to eat in the arms of nature. Bringing the number of types of plants that are full of the region to 236 species, including beech and oak trees and maple, poplar, pine nuts and wild cherry. And shave in the skies more than 100 species of birds, wander the many types of animals, including mountain cats, squirrels, foxes, deer and rabbits.

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1:18 yedigöller - kafa kampı 2.mp4

yedigöller - kafa kampı 2.mp4

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0:7 Yedigöller kamp ve balık

Yedigöller kamp ve balık

2011 1 Nisan 5 günlük kampımızın son saatleri... Yoldaşım Hasan, demirbaşım İsmail le toplanıyoruz.

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5:11 Yedigöller / BOLU Sonbahar Kampı

Yedigöller / BOLU Sonbahar Kampı

Yedigöller Sonbahar Kampı 03.11.2015

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1:49 Yedigöller Kampı

Yedigöller Kampı

Yedigöller kampımızda Abdullah Sağır'dan görüntüler. Kendisine bu güzel video için teşekkür ederiz.

Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi | Gezi ve Kampçılık Kulübü
Çok gezen, çok gören kulüp...

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1:49 Gezenbilir Yedigöller Kış Kampı

Gezenbilir Yedigöller Kış Kampı

Gezenbilir 15-16 Şubat 2014 Yedigöller Bolu Kış Kampı

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5:1 Yedigöller Bisiklet Gezisi

Yedigöller Bisiklet Gezisi

Bisiklet gezisi Çadırlı Camping Macera Keşif Camp ateşi Tabiat Su sesi Orman

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